Try this Delicious Recipe for a Taste of Sunshine!

Even though it’s still cold here in Chicago, I decided to pretend it was warm anyway. To help me imagine it a little better I prepared one of my favorite summertime adult beverages: Sangria!

I love to try mixed drinks when I’m out and about, but when it comes to making them at home I tend to get a little lazy. That’s why I was so thrilled to find this delicious—and simple—recipe! Perfect for enjoying a little (pretend) sunshine and saving some money at the bars.

You’ll need:

1.) One bottle of white wine or champagne/prosecco.

-I went with the driest of the Andre champagnes.

2.) Semi-dry hard cider. (Fun fact: Most hard ciders fall into this category)

-I went with Crispin Hard Cider.

3.) 1-2 medium apples.

-I went with one red apple and one green for added colors/flavors

4.) Optional: Pear slices for added flavors.

-I did not do this.

IMG_3622 E1520006774287

The steps:

1.) First, make sure you have a large enough pitcher to mix it all into. Or I suppose you could mix each drink individually, but that wouldn’t be as convenient. But you do you!

2.) The rest is pretty easy. I sliced the apples as thin as I could and added them to the bottom of my pitcher. Then I slowly poured in the champagne and cider.

3.) Stir the mixture gently to combine, and then enjoy!

IMG_3624 E1520006881135

Things to consider:

Obviously, the sweeter the wine/cider you choose, the sweeter the overall drink would be. I chose a dry champagne with a sweeter cider to reduce the amount of sugar.

If you want to play around with the recipe, try different-flavored ciders (Uncle John’s Hard Cider has lots of flavors to choose from, including blueberry, cherry, pear, and cranberry!).

Pro-Tip: Add in a few lemon slices! It made ALL the difference!

–Morgan Gibson

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