Hungry Apple Training Tips!

Registering for The Hungry Apple Challenge is an ambitious decision. A challenge that many take on, but only few will succeed at. Below are 3 steps to practicing for a successful challenge!

Step 1: Pick your donuts! 

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Head to your local bakery/ grocery store and pick out your donuts! For top results I recommend thicker Apple Cider donuts; but, really any donuts will do!

Step 2: Pack!

Pack a bag of some sort (fanny pack probably), with your donuts! If you are headed to the gym like me, I used the treadmill to hold the donuts. People may stare, this is okay. #jealous


Step 3: Start Running! Run for 3.1 miles (or more) with eating a donut at every mile! This will not only be delicious, but also beneficial (maybe not health wise) but who’s counting…


–Chloe Rudny

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