Cidery Profile: Albemarle CiderWorks

This post is part of a series where we highlight why we love the cideries and orchards that host The Hard Cider Run. Read on to learn some cool features and facts!


Blooming Apple Orchard On A Sunny May Evening

We are so excited to be returning to Vintage Virginia Apples for The Hard Cider Run in North Garden, VA on April 22nd!

Vintage Virginia Apples was founded in 2000. In July 2009, they opened Ablemarle CiderWorks, their cidery, which is known as one of their most ambitious projects.

Ablemarle CiderWorks offers a variety of American ciders that are inspired by the long tradition of cider-making in this county. They make sure that each of their blends represent a balance of aromatics, tannins and acidity from different apple varieties that are fit for cider making. Their varieties consist of:

  • 1817. Rich, smooth, tart, and complex, with a golden hue.
  • Arkansas Black. Considered one of the most beautiful of apples.
  • Black Twig. Carries notes of warm spice, such as clove, nutmeg, and cardamom.
  • Brut D’Albemarle. Offers the feel of a champagne, with the finish of a dry cider.
  • GoldRush. Named for its color and the rush of flavor it offers.
  • Jupiter’s Legacy. Bright acidity with notes of citrus.
  • Old Virginia Winesap. Notes of baked apple, cedar, and strawberry.
  • Pomme Mary. Named to honor their mother, Mary Margaret, who prefers a less dry profile.
  • Ragged Mountain. One of their most traditional ciders.
  • Red Hill. Named for the small community just north of Ablemarle CiderWorks.
  • Royal Pippin. Delightful single variety cider.
  • Virginia Hewes Crab. Their first reserve cider; Floral and intense.

Things to check out (besides the cider):

  • The Tasting Room. Sit among the rolling hills of Ablemarle County, just South of Charlottesville. Get comfortable, and enjoy the gorgeous views, while sipping on some cider and nibbling on an a la carte picnic from their local food offerings.
  • The Guest House. Stay in the original farm house at Rural Ridge Farm during the week or weekend! It has been expanded over the years to a four bedroom, two bath house that has three public rooms, an equipped kitchen, porches, and a large yard that overlooks the farm pond and orchards.

Hope to see you in April!

–Erik Young

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