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It's been a great run!

It's been a wonderful 6 years hanging out with you all at the cidery, watching you crush the course, and toasting with a cold, hard cider at the finish line! While we enjoyed every minute of it, we are sitting out this round so we can focus on our Fall Running Series.


Awesome to the core

We've gotten to know many of you over the past 6 years, and we cherish all of the memories we've made together. It's our participants that make events like this great, and our runners are the apple of our eye.


Join us For Our Fall Run!

The fun is not over. We hope to see you at one of our Fall events. Sign up to stay in the loop!

CHEERS to many more miles!

Though we've reached the finish line, the fun doesn't end here. We're passing the baton on to our Fall Running Series. We hope to see y'all in the Fall!

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