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Hard Cider Run

Run or walk your 5K where and when you'd like!
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April 1, 2017

    Waves Begin at 12:00AM and end on June 4

What's the Deal?

Sometimes The Hard Cider Run isn't near you. Or, it is, but you simply can't make it that day. We have an all-new option for you to earn some amazing cider swag, run or walk 3.1 miles, yet not have to be there on race day. We will miss you, for sure. But we take solace in the fact that we're spreading cider-love all over the USA!

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Hard Cider Run

Choose when and where you run/walk

Simply run or walk 3.1 miles sometime between April 1 and June 4!

Hard Cider Run

Send us your results

Be sure to use an app like MapMyRun, a GPS watch, or any other means to show you completed your 5K!

Hard Cider Run

Earn a medal

We will send you your bib and race shirt early in the spring. You will get your bling after you complete your 5K!

Registration Fees

$35 (includes race shirt, bib, medal, and all shipping costs)

Registration is available now through April 9. The virtual option could sell out, so please register soon so you secure your race swag!

How It Works

It's a fairly simple process. Register today for the virtual option. Later this spring, we will begin shipping the race shirts and bibs. You can complete your 3.1 miles anytime from April 1-June 4. All 3.1 miles should be completed within one day/session. Make sure you record your time and distance using your phone, GPS watch, or any other means to display distance and time. If you participate in another 5K race that's timed, you can forward us a link to your results. Simply send us proof to and we will record your results. Once we have everyone's time in June, we will begin shipping out medals!

Fun Ideas for your 5k

Here are a couple ideas to enjoy your 3.1 miles: 1) Make it a group event. Invite your friends, figure out a time and place, then crush your 5K together! 2) Earn your bling in the gym. Head to the gym, fire up the treadmill, and be the weird one at the gym dressed in cider gear! 3) Hit the woods! Head to a local nature preserve or park and enjoy a picturesque, calm 3.1 miles.

Training tank top and shirt

Order one of these during registration and you'll be set for those long sessions in the gym (and also those fun happy hours!)

Hard Cider Run
Hard Cider Run
Hard Cider Run
Hard Cider Run
Hard Cider Run
Hard Cider Run
Hard Cider Run
Hard Cider Run