Chilling out in an always “on” world

February 09, 2016

The world we live in today is always “on”. Emails, appointments, texts, answer this, do that. You know what I’m referring to. While I have no issue with staying on and being productive, I have realized it can take a toll on you mentally and physically.

2015 was a super busy year for us. We had more events than ever, hired our first employee, moved into a tiny office, travelled almost every week—and that was just for work! My personal life included, among other things, getting engaged. 2015 rocked, but it was also insane. I quickly felt exhausted and overwhelmed. This led to stress, worrying, and some anxiety. I became sluggish mentally and gained a few extra pounds.

Knowing this had to stop, I put a heavy emphasis on finding things that worked for me. First and foremost was figuring out how to calm down a little bit. Being overwhelmed isn’t fun for anyone. However, I was determined to find a way to handle it better. Next was making sure I ate better and hit the gym. While it’s an ongoing endeavor, I am happy to share with you a few things that I have found help me. Some are easy changes, some take a little effort. Try some or all of these if you want to center yourself a little:

-Find something you enjoy. And do it! Making “me” time is important no matter how busy you get. For me, I enjoy cooking. I challenge myself once per week to cook a difficult, new recipe. The time it takes to prep, cook, and ultimately enjoy the meal helps get my mind off of whatever else is going on. For you, maybe you want to read, learn something new, or volunteer at a local animal shelter. Whatever you enjoy, carve out some time to do it on the regular.

-Meditation. I never meditated or even attempted to prior to last year. At the ripe age of 31, I decided it was time to try. I felt kind of awkward at first. But, after doing it for a few months off and on, it has become a regular part of my routine. While I don’t do it every day, a couple times a week works. I recommend finding an app to help you learn. The ten minutes you can take here or twenty minutes there are insanely beneficial to help clear and center the mind 🙂

-Workout. This can come in many forms. While I prefer to lift weights, I have challenged myself to incorporate at least one high-intensity interval training (HIIT) per week as well as get a good cardio session in (running or rowing). I find varying my workouts keeps me interested and has great results. Get out there, challenge yourself, and you’ll reap the benefits of a fitter body (which also helps relieve stress!)

Maybe not it’s own category, but I have also found yoga to helps relieve stress and makes my body feel amazing. I try to incorporate yoga in my schedule once a week. My body feels more limber after and it clears my head like no other.

-Unplug. It sounds insane to most, but finding  time when you can unplug and be with your loved ones is the best. I am very guilty of checking emails in the evening and even doing a little work when needed. However, I try to unplug at some point and stick with it. Whether you say “from 7-9PM I’m offline” or say “after 9PM no electronics”, it’s up to you. Just try and find a chunk of time at some point during the day where you disconnect from the always-on world!

-Tea. Tea comes in all sorts of forms. Try as many as you can, find what types you like, and enjoy the many benefits of tea.


I think the takeaway here is to find what works for you. If you are feeling stressed, overwhelmed, sluggish—anything negative, really, try and intervene now. You’ll thank yourself for it later (and your loved ones will, too!)







Disclaimer: I am not a health professional. I am simply sharing my experiences with you, my reader. Please do your own research when it comes to your health and discuss with a doctor.