11 Tips to Make 2016 the Best. Summer. Ever!

July 06, 2016

Summertime is upon us (finally). We look forward to the warmer months all year long, so let’s make sure we enjoy it to the max this time. Here are our 11 tips for making the most out of the summer of 2016:

1.Dine al fresco. You are probably sick of eating at the dining room table (or feel guilty for resorting to eating in front of the TV!) Dine outdoors as much as possible this summer. Whether it’s your back porch, a picnic in the front yard, or a casual meal on your favorite spots patio, eating outdoors is one of summer’s simple pleasures!

2.Take a spontaneous road trip. It doesn’t have to be something lavish. Choose a destination that’s a few hours away. Pack a cooler, find cheap accommodations, and go explore!

ProTip: Keep costs down by camping or renting someone else’s home using Air BnB!

3.Learn a new skill. There are so many activities you can do during the warmer months. Sometimes they require a little bit of education and practice. Make it a goal to learn one new skill this summer. Think fishing, rock climbing, scuba diving, or anything in between!

4.Spend more time with friends and family. It seems every summer our lives get busier and busier. Be sure to slow down a bit and dedicate time each week to both friends and family. You won’t regret it.

5.Get (or stay) active. Nothing beats waking up with the sunrise and knocking out a couple miles. Beyond running, the summer offers a ton of ways to stay active. Find activities you enjoy doing and keep at it: volleyball, cycling, hiking—anything that keeps you moving!

ProTip: Every Sunday night, jot down on your calendar what you want to do each day (and check them off once completed). For example, Monday is a 2 mile sunrise walk, Thursday is a 3 mile run followed by happy hour, Saturday is an hour hike in the woods…)

6.Enjoy summers food offerings. Embrace the lighter, healthier, and tastier foods the summer gives us. Fire up the grill and throw fresh fruit and veggies on it. Really, it’s hard to mess up. A quick Google search of “mixed veggie grill” will give you endless options with easy to follow instructions.

7.And summer drinks. While you’re at it, have a little fun with summer drinks! Watermelon is one of my favorite fruits to mess with when making cocktails or mocktails. Oh, try this cider sangria recipe next time you feel like impressing some guests.

8.Get your events lined up. Concerts, fairs, and races are abundant. Choose the ones you know you want to attend and get your tickets early! Not only will you probably save some money, but you will have something to look forward to with friends!

9.Develop new habits. Why wait until January 1, 2017 to start a new habit? Kick off the summer with new goals in mind. Whether it’s to read more, eat better, meditate, practice yoga—just choose something and hold yourself accountable!

10.Embrace water. Summer and water are synonymous. Drink more of it, swim in it, have super soakers fights with it!

11.Grow your food. Nothing beats fresh vegetables and herbs. Whether you have a large backyard or a small balcony, you can grow something that’s useful in the kitchen. It’s easy as heading to a local nursery, hardware store, or even grocery. Just be sure to know how much sunlight they need and how often they require water.


There you have it. Get inspired, make a plan, and follow it! Add some of these tips to your calendar or even some sticky notes on the fridge. Make this summer the best one yet!